Do you crave for those sweet treats?

Do you fancy Keto Caramel Slice, Keto Muffins, Keto Cheesecake?

I get concerned when I see so much focus put on sweet treats that people consume on Keto just because they contain no/low carbs.

For long term success at reducing weight, reducing or eliminating symptoms and risk of disease (think Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular, heart disease, asthma, cancer) we need to be addressing our cravings for sugar and how we put a stop to this desire for sugar on a daily basis.

In terms of the human race, we’ve been around for millions of years and we’ve only had refined sugar for just over 100 of those.  Early humans got their fix seasonally when gathering berries or fruit. This tells me that our bodies are not designed for the sugar load that we place on it today.

We can stop these cravings this by prioritising eating nutritionally dense foods that satiate us – grass fed beef/lamb, free range chickens, fish, eggs, locally produced vegetables, fats that nourish the body like ghee, coconut oil, avocados, olive oil.

Some strategies when you are hit with that mid-morning, mid-afternoon or after dinner sweet treat craving?

Ask yourself

1.     Am I hungry? Make sure your meals are satiating – increase the level of protein and fats you are eating at every meal. This will make you feel fuller for longer.

2.     Am I thirsty? Sometimes our brain gets mixed signals and what we really need is a glass of water.

3.     Busy yourself. Get up and go for a brisk walk – even 10 minutes has loads of health benefits. If you can’t get outside, do some push-ups and burpees.

4.     Talk to a friend – support can help you through the tough moments.

5.     Avoid stress – stress is directly correlated with blood sugar dysregulation so practice some meditation and/or yoga. Breathing exercises to help you unwind can be really helpful.

6.     Get rid of the junk from your fridge, pantry and any other hiding places you have for sweet things. If it’s not there, you can’t eat it.

7.     Avoid artificial sweeteners.  This is a biggie. Not only do they play havoc with your gut microbiome, they don’t reduce your cravings for sweet things – even if they contain no carbs. If you are ‘doing Keto’, and think these are helping you, in the long term they’re not. The very real danger is that you will stray from Keto and just eat a little sugar.

And really, who can do that. It’s just the start of another slippery slope.



Posted by WellnessWork . on December 06, 2020