Sensitive to Dairy?

Looking for a great alternative to cooking (but not baking) with butter?


Many people remove dairy from their diets today due to an intolerance that results in bloating, gas, or diarrhoea which makes them uncomfortable.

There are loads of alternatives in the market place for dairy products from plant-based milks and cheeses, to coconut/nut yoghurts but one product you may not have tried is Ghee.

Ghee is made by removing the milk solids from butter. It only contains small traces of casein and lactose making it ideal for those that have a dairy allergy.

People from India have recognised the benefits of ghee for centuries and not only use it for cooking, but also to provide moisture to hair and skin.



  • has antioxidant properties
  • reduces your exposure to cancer-causing agents that are present in other cooking oils when heated to high temperatures.
  • contains the cancer-fighting agent Conjugated Linoleic acid (CLA) which when prepared from butter sourced from grass-fed cows, has been shown to fight cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  • contains the fat-soluble vitamins A,E,D and K. These vitamins are essential for many functions to conjugate within the body – ranging from brain to immune function.
  • applied topically can provide moisture to the skin and hair.
  • has anti-inflammatory properties.


Here’s the batch I made this afternoon.

The aroma coming off it is AMAZING.  It has a gorgeous nutty and caramel-y smell and I for one, can’t wait to try it!!


Posted by WellnessWork . on December 08, 2020